Adaptive Technology Center for New Jersey Colleges
at The College of New Jersey

Adaptive Technology Lending Program

The Adaptive Technology Center for New Jersey Colleges maintains an inventory of hardware, software, and assistive devices which can help students with disabilities meet the academic demands of college.  Typically these technology tools assist with the tasks of notetaking, writing papers, accessing information on the internet, using email, and/or communicating with faculty.

The Adaptive Technology Lending Program is designed to provide a trial period for students to determine if a particular technology tool is helpful.  It is a short-term loan program, with most equipment being loaned for a period of one semester.  When a technology tool is found that meets a student's needs and is needed for on -going coursework, the expectation is that the student's institution will assume responsibility for providing that reasonable accommodation.  If needed, the Adaptive Technology Center will provide technical assistance to colleges regarding new purchases.

Equipment loans are arranged with staff in the Disability Support Services Office of each college/university.  If you are a staff member, click here to fill out an electronic College Lending Agreement form.

If you are a student with a disability who would like to borrow an item from the Lending Program, click here to fill out an electronic Student Lending Agreement form.

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