Fall 1996, Vol. 8 No. 1


New Jersey Teacher Madge Bradley

2nd Place Winner of Edmark's

1996 Special Educator of the Year Contest

We were thrilled to see the work of Madge Bradley recognized by the Edmark Corporation's Special Educator of the Year Contest. Madge, an Early Childhood/Special Educator at the Kingsway Learning Center in Haddonfield, New Jersey, has long been an advocate of the use of technology with young children, and her program was profiled in an early issue of TECH-NJ (Fall 1990).

Using a variety of Edmark products, Madge enhances the learning process in her early intervention classroom. She substitutes the computer as a method of play for children who are unable to participate in conventional play activities. Children who lack the motor skills to manipulate blocks can, for example, build using Sammy's Science House or create with shapes using Millie's Math House. Those who cannot hold musical instruments can make music with Oranga Banga in Thinkin' Things Collection 1. She uses the Early Concepts Skill Builder Series to encourage imitation, communication and shared attention.

Madge has used the TouchWindow to allow students to practice balance and motor skills. Her students are placed on a small vestibular board or bolster on the floor in front of the computer, and they must steady themselves and then reach out to activate the TouchWindow. For those students who can sit, she even uses it to help them practice getting in and out of their seats by moving the computer farther away.

We congratulate Madge on this much deserved award from Edmark!

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