Graph Action Plus

This program provides a similar representation of change in position over time for students as young as sixth grade. By exploring QuickTime movies, students learn to identify and explore common types of graphs and recognize and describe real life motions that create these graphs.

In the Graph Action activity students can move an object (car, person, ball, etc.) back and forth along the screen in a linear path. As the object moves, a graph appears, tracing the object's position over time. Because the graph is produced simultaneously with the motion of the mouse, students can link the concrete motion with the abstract "language" of the graph.

The Action Analyzer activity lets students expand their graphing skills by exploring "real world" phenomena that have been captured on video. They can isolate an object in the video, track its horizontal or vertical position over time, and watch as a graph appears.

The Multi-Viewer portion of the program allows students to see up to four movies or graphs side by side, so they can compare the data and graphs.

Publisher: Tom Snyder Productions

Price: $99.95 Teacher's Edition

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