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Fall, 2005

PasswordsPassword Guidelines

With the beginning of the new academic year, it is a good time to remind everyone about passwords and security. In order to provide assistance in your selection of passwords, the following guidelines are offered:

  • Passwords should not be based on well-known or easily accessible personal information
  • Passwords should contain at least 8 characters
  • Passwords should be mixed case (contain a combination of alphanumeric, numerical, and special characters)
  • Passwords should not be words that can be found in a standard dictionary (English or foreign) or are publicly known slang or jargon
  • Refer to additional security password guidelines on the IT Security website at

Password Sharing
Never share your password! Sharing passwords in order to allow other staff to assist you is not safe. If you are currently sharing your password, please change it immediately and don’t distribute it to anyone else. You will be accessing YESS using your email id and password, so anyone who has access to your email account will also have access to your personal information in YESS (salary information, home address and phone numbers, dependent information, banking information from direct deposit and additional personal information).

Changing Passwords
Change passwords on a regular basis depending on the information you are trying to protect. Sensitive information = 3-6 months. Less sensitive but important information = 6-12 months. To change your password, go to the following website:

Network PrintingNetwork Printer Reassignment

As part of the revised Canon copier contract, Information Technology did a preliminary evaluation of current network printing and found that there are many areas/departments that will have both a networked copier and networked printers. With this information IT submitted a proposal to evaluate and recommend network printer reassignments. This proposal has been reviewed and approved by the Cabinet.
Every copier on campus will be networked and can be used as a network printer as well as a copier. Using the copier as a network printer has a few added benefits:

  1. No more toner costs. This is included in the cost per copy.
  2. Double sided printing will be available.
  3. Direct service from Canon.

Using the Canon copier/printers, the departments will be charged for each printed copy. The cost per copy will be the current cost being paid for copies (The savings realized for not having to purchase toners, will more than make up for the additional costs incurred when printing to the copier) Your support specialist will be in contact you to discuss this matter and how it affects your department. Thank you, in advance, for your assistance in this process.


Users of Peoplesoft and the YESS system can click here for tips, fixes, frequently asked questions, and other general helpful information. By visiting this link, you can sign up for a training class on the YESS system, and find other valuable information.


Print SensePrintSense Statistics

The PrintSense environmental program went into full effect at the beginning of the fall 2005 semester. The programs goal was to control the rising cost of printing consumables by promoting responsible printing in all 20 public computer labs managed by Information Technology. After two months the results are promising:

Compared to the last two years Information Technology reports a 43 percent decrease in printing for August and September, a total savings of 322,896 pages or 1.5 tons of paper.

ComputerComputer Labs

Worried about the closure of the computer labs in Wolfe Hall, and in the Student Center? Well, you don't need to be! There are new labs available in the lower level of the new library (rooms two and five), as well as more than 25 other labs located all over campus. For a listing of lab locations and hours, click here.

Buy a computerLooking to purchase a new personal computer?

The College of New Jersey has established programs with both Apple and Dell computers whereby TCNJ faculty, staff, and students can purchase desktop or laptop machines at discounted prices. For more information on this program, please visit

TrainingNew Approach to Training

To better accommodate the needs of the campus community, the process for scheduling IT training has been revised. Information Technology is pleased to announce customized IT training!  

Training workshops will be provided upon request. We kindly ask that 4 or more users register to schedule the training.  

To complete the request form & view available training sessions, visit


FTP ClientNew FTP client comes to TCNJ

Over the summer, the Information Technology department evaluated various FTP programs for the campus community. Because of its ease of use, Information Technology has made the formal conversion from the old program WSFTP to the new program FileZilla. The FileZilla FTP program allows users to transfer documents from home computers to their network folders and visa versa. The list of network folders that can be accessed with FileZilla FTP are as follows:

  • H:\ (home directory)
  • L:\ (Lab Data)
  • S:\ (Shared Data)

Want to try FileZilla at home? Go to
Download FileZilla and also get more information to help you set it up and use it correctly!


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