TCNJ Tech Talk 


July 2004 Vol. 2 Issue 7

Drive Letter Fix

Having problems finding the “letter” of your computer drive?  Someone tells you to open the I:\Drive from Windows Explorer, or My Computer, and what do you see?  Something that looks like this:

Apps on 'Tcnj\Tsc\Ewg\Apps\Tcnj11_vol1' (I:)

 Wouldn’t it be nicer if you saw this?

(I:) Apps on 'Tcnj\Tsc\Ewg\Apps\Tcnj11_vol

 Well, now you can find your drives easier by using the “Drive Letter Fix.”     This fix can be found in SAL under Desktop Applications.  To run the fix:

  1. Go to Start>SAL Applications.
  1. Choose Desktop Applications.
  1. Click the icon for “Drive Letter Fix”.
  1. After running the application, reboot your computer.
  1. Verify it worked!  Open My Computer.  The drive letters should be in front of the text.


MeetingMaker To-Go Please!

Did you know that you can print out your MeetingMaker calendar to fit into your planner?  This makes keeping track of daily activities even easier as you can store all of your information into MeetingMaker and print it out for your planner. 

Some of the planners include, Avery, Day-Timer, DayRunner, and Franklin Quest.   Here is how:

1.  From the top menu, select 'File' and open 'Print Schedule...'
2.  Click on the 'Page Layout' button
3.  Choose the page layout you would like.


Hate Paying the High Fees of Internet Access ?
Use TCNJ as your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

You can create a Dial-Up connection using the numbers provided by TCNJ to dial into the college and access the internet. If this is a local call, it may save you money on internet service.


Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP

Modem installed and setup

Windows Dial-Up Networking installed


Instructions below are for Win XP.  Similar steps should be followed for Win 98/ME/2000


Note: The college is unable to provide any assistance beyond these instructions with regard to setting up your computer at home.


Step One: Make a Dial-Up Connection

  1. Go to Start, Settings, Network and Dial-up Connections.
  2. Double-click on Make New Connection. then click Next.
  3. Click Dial-up to the Internet, then click Next.
  4. Click 'I want to set up my Internet connection manually', then click Next.
  5. Click 'I connect through a phone line and modem', then click Next.
  6. Fill-in the Area code box and the Telephone number, 609-671-9075 or 609-671-1684, then click Next.
  7. Enter your UNIX login name and UNIX password in the User name and Password boxes.
  8. Type in TCNJ as the connection name.
  9. You have the option to configure your e-mail account on the next page, select No, then Next.
  10. You're all done! Click Finish.

Step Two: Use the TCNJ connection to dial in to the college

1.  Open 'My Computer'
2.  Open 'Dial-Up Networking'
3.  Open the TCNJ connection.  Verify the phone number and click on Connect.
4.  The modem will dial into the college and connect.
5.  Your username and password will be verified.  You will see a box pop up confirming that you are connected to TCNJ.
6.  Once you are connected, use your internet browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Netscape) to access the internet.

When you are finished, remember to disconnect

Are you using a CDRW Drive to burn CDs? 
If so, please review the following information:
The CDRW drives distributed by Information Technology must not be used to duplicate copyrighted materials.  If TCNJ gains knowledge that a CDRW drive is being used to duplicate copyrighted materials, it will take action to protect itself which may or may not be in the interest of the violator.  This may include discontinuing services to the violator and reporting the offense to those who have interest in protecting the copyrighted material.  Persons who violate copyright protection laws may be subject to criminal and civil actions.





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