TCNJ Tech Talk 

2004 Vol. 2 Issue 6

Want to know more about our Video Conferencing facility?

The TCNJ conference facility is located in Kendall Hall 133. It is equipped with state-of-the-art conferencing equipment including 2 cameras, 4 monitors, Pentium IV PC, laptop access and a Document Camera. The equipment can be used to communicate with other conference facilities using IP (Internet) or ISDN connections.

TCNJ has also joined up with the NJEdge.NET, New Jersey's Higher Education Network, to expand the number of video conferencing resources available and to increase the opportunity for collaboration.

As a member of NJEdge.Net  TCNJ has access to new conferencing related technologies including:

  • Sophisticated video conferencing & distance learning capabilities

  • Centralized streaming video resources

  • Future access to Internet2

  • Interoperability with the K-12 Video Portal (Access New Jersey)

  • Shared access to Satellite uplink/downlink

Video conferences are scheduled through Media & Technology Support Services over the web at

For more information about Kendall Hall 133 visit


Reviewing the Computing Access Agreement

When you applied for your Unix and/or Novell account, you were asked to sign the computer access agreement.  Please take a moment to review the computing access agreement online at

It includes important information, such as:

  • Eligibility of Computing Accounts and Network Access

  • Privacy of Computer and Network User Information

  • Software Use Guidelines

  • Unacceptable Conduct

  • Enforcement

  • User Responsibilities

Damaged Disk?
f you have a floppy disk or zip disk that is not opening, stop by the HelpDesk with the damaged disk.  We can attempt to retrieve the data off the disk using disk repair utility software.  This is a great tip to pass along to panicked students as well!


Give your departmental site a face lift!

  • If you want to have IT revise or build your departmental site for you, please send a request via:

  • If you need to improve or update your website so that it is consistent with the TCNJ style, check out the easy to use web style guides that the web initiatives group has created.  The information can be found at and includes information on colors, fonts, headers, sidebars, bulleted lists, document icons, and tables! 


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