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Summer, 2005


Staff Changes at the Help Desk

This summer, we've had some changes at the Help Desk: we'd like to welcome Jon Trabilcy and Dan Adler to the staff. Feel free to stop by and meet the new guys!




Last Spring IT began the PrintSense pilot program in an effort to promote responsible printing in the computer labs. Starting August 15, 2005 students will receive a 600 page allocation per semester. For more information please visit the PrintSense website at:


Instructional Technology Services Center Relocating

ITS is movingThe Instructional Technology Services Center, currently located in Forcina Hall room 111, will be relocating to the new Library complex over the summer.  In order to ensure that our services will be available when the Library opens on August 29th, ITS will begin its moving process on Monday, August 8th and will thus be unavailable to the campus community until we reopen on the 29th.  Please plan accordingly if you will be utilizing any of our services over the summer.
The SOCS media digitization program for faculty will continue uninterrupted during our move - if you have materials that need to be posted for your Fall 2005 classes during this time please send them to: Craig Kapp - SOCS Support - Green Hall room 12
In addition to these changes, our center will no longer be providing certain services such as 35mm slide duplication and the sale of various items such as oaktag, lettering tape and contact paper.  For a complete list of changes to our services please visit our website at

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Drive Mappings Standardized

In an effort to standardize our network across campus, as of June 13th, network drives have been standardized:

For Faculty:

Your Shared drive moved from J: to S:
Your Labdata moved from O: to L:
User drives moved from J: to K:

For Staff :

Your Shared drive moved from O: to S:
User drives from O: to K:

For Both:

Your personal network space is still H:

Computer Lab Consolidation

We'll be consolidating computer labs. By doing so, we'll be able to increase the total number of computers available for student use. Effective immediately the Wolfe computer lab is closed and effective August 29, 2005 the Student Center computer lab will close. To accommodate these closures, the new Library will have two computer labs with an additional 20 computers available. Additionally, the new labs will be open during the expanded operating schedule in the Library.



Patch Management

With the increase of worms and viruses on the Internet, anti-virus and operating system updates are now a part of daily life. In order to reduce the amount of time individuals need to spend managing the security of their systems, and to improve the overall security posture at the College, Information Technology employs a layered defense to security, including a network firewall, network based anti-virus and centrally updated anti-virus on each workstation.

Through a centrally managed system, Information Technology will "harden" operating systems by applying critical patches released by Microsoft. Applying these patches will limit the vulnerabilities that a worm or virus can take advantage of, reducing the chances of a user becoming infected.

As part of this update process, you may be asked to reboot your machine for the patch to take effect. A dialogue box will open up with related instructions. You will be able to finish what you are working on, and your computer will not automatically turn off without your permission, but rebooting your computer, or the classroom computer, is an important step in applying these patches.

For more information on this process, click here.


Web LinksComputer Replacement Program

Would you like to learn about IT's four year schedule for replacements of desktop computers in office and labs? Click here

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