TCNJ Tech Talk 

2004 Vol. 2 Issue 5

Stay in Touch While on Vacation

Ahh... It's vacation time!  If your style is relaxing on the beach, hiking through the mountains, or sitting pool side, Information Technology makes it easy for you to stay in touch with the office (or just send your coworkers pictures to make them terribly jealous)!

To set a vacation notification in email:
1. Go to the following website: Http:\\
2.  Click on the link, 'Sieve Filter Manager
3.  Log in using your email username and password.
4.  Click on Set Vacation
5.  Change Vacation Active? to 'Yes' (note: Once you save your changes,  this will take effect immediately)
6.  In Vacation Text, type in your message.  This is the message that will be sent back to your colleagues when they send you an email message.  An example of an appropriate message is along these lines:  I will be out of the office until June 5, 2004.  Please forward all urgent messages to my coworker Jane Smith.  Thank you.
7.  Click on 'Save Changes' to save the vacation setting 

Send yourself a message to test your vacation setting. When you are back in the office, don’t forget to turn off the vacation setting.

To turn it off, follow steps 1-4 above, and

1.  Change Vacation Active? to 'No'.

2.  Click on Save Changes, to save your vacation setting

To access email from off campus:

1.  Open Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator

2.  In the location field type:  

3.  Enter your email login name and password.  Note: login and passwords are case sensitive

4.  Click on the Login button

To forward email to an alternate address:
1.  Open Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator
2.  In the location field type: http://
3.  Click on the link 'Mail Forwarding Manager'

4.  Enter your email login name and password. 

5.  Click on the Login button

To borrow a laptop:
A laptop can be borrowed for a short term, two week period.  It requires 72 hour advance notice and is subject to laptop availability.  For additional information or to request a laptop, please call the HelpDesk x2660
To borrow digital equipment:
Instructional Technology Services offers a variety of digital cameras.  For more information, please check out their website at:




Access MeetingMaker from Home

MeetingMaker uses a SSL (Secured Socket Layer). This encrypts your MeetingMaker login/password and calendar data as it is transmitted over the Internet or any network. If you travel with your laptop, you can permanently use this SSL option because it also works on campus.

If you currently use Meeting Maker at home or travel with your laptop, please follow the instructions below to change your MeetingMaker settings:
Click here for instructions with pictures

Step 1:  Open MeetingMaker XP.  The login box will open

Step 2:  Next to 'Server:  Meeting Maker XP', choose the  'Select…' button

Step 3:  Use the drop-down arrow under Protocol and select SSL.  Then click on the 'Select' button.

If you would like to install MeetingMaker, on your home computer:

Click on the following link to download the client installer*. 

*Important Note:  Though we provide the software for your convenience to install on your home or personal computer, Information Technology does not support personal computers and is not responsible for any issues that may result in downloading the software on your personal computer.

New Email Server and Software
Information Technology will be upgrading the email server and the server software that delivers email to and from campus over Memorial Day weekend. The new server will have double the processor speed and quadruple (4x) times the disc space, allowing for immediate speed improvements and room to grow over time.

In order to bring the new server live and upgrade the software, email service will not be available from Friday May 28 at 5 pm until Sunday May 30 at approximately 8 pm. Email sent to TCNJ accounts during this weekend should be delivered when the new system is active. However, depending on the sender’s email system, email may be returned to the sender as “undeliverable”.

According to our test results, end users will notice little difference besides increased speed. All of your existing e-mail and folders that are currently stored on the server will be copied over as is, but you may find that some messages you have already read are marked as new.

As part of a separate project, Information Technology will be upgrading the standard email client installed on College owned machines from Netscape 4.7 to Thunderbird. More information on this upgrade will be available during the summer.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Help Desk at


What is SAL?

SAL (Software from Any Location) is an application launcher that allows faculty, staff, and students to use software programs right from their desktop that were previously only available in the computer labs.

What type of software is available through SAL?  Campus standard software such as Internet Explorer, MeetingMaker, QWS3270 + (mainframe access), and Adobe Reader.  SAL also has specialized software for different departments.


I’m interested – how do I get SAL?  SAL is only available on -campus. To use SAL, you must be logged into Novell and running Windows 95, 98, XP, or 2000.  Click on the ‘Start’ button. From the Start menu click on the icon for SAL Applications. A ZEN Works Application Launcher window will appear on your screen for a few seconds. SAL will then open up.  Note: If you do not have SAL Applications listed in your Start menu, click on the ‘Start’ button, select Run. In the ’Open’ box, type: z:/nal.exe and hit enter.

How do I find software in SAL?  The SAL window is split in two. The left side of the window contains folders where the software is located. To display the folders, you may have to click on a + sign next to the TCNJ tree. The right side of the window contains the program icons. The first time you select a program from the SAL Application window, files will be downloaded to your computer that will enable you to run that program. Most programs are installed directly on your computer’s hard drive, however some applications will only run through SAL.

Problems ?  If you experience problems running a SAL application from your computer, open up SAL, right click on the application name, and select verify. This will download any required files again (as if it were the first time) and should correct most problems. If you still experience problems, contact the Help Desk at X2660.
If you are having problems opening SAL: Verify you are logged into the network. If you are, try rebooting your computer. If you still experience problems, contact the Help Desk x2660.





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