TCNJ TechTalk

June 2003 Vol 1 Issue 6    

Accessing Email from Off Campus 


If you would like to access your email from off campus, the easiest way is to go through the internet via webmail at the following address:

Enter your Login name and password where prompted and click on Login button.

For more information on using Webmail, click here

You can also use another email program to access your tcnj mail from off campus.  For information on setting up Netscape Messenger, please click here.


 Microsoft Access Tip

MS Access is a wonderful way to store and manage your data.  However there may be times when you need to analyze or manipulate the data in ways that Access cannot.  In these instances, you can use Excel instead.  Microsoft Office makes exporting and importing data between Access and Excel easy. 

To export an Access table or query to an Excel spreadsheet:

  1. Highlight the name of the Table or Query that you want to send to Excel (do not have the Table or Query opened)
  2. Click on Tools
  3. Click on Office Links
  4. Double click on Analyze with MS Excel

Excel will automatically open up and display your data in spreadsheet form.

To import an Excel spreadsheet into Access:
Open the Access database

  1. Click on File. Select Get External Data, Click on Import...
  2. An 'Import' window with a 'Look In' box will open.  At the bottom of the window, change the Files of Type to Microsoft Excel (the default is Microsoft Access).  Locate your excel file using the 'Look In' box.  After locating the file, click on the button, Import 
  3. An 'Import Spreadsheet Wizard' will open.  Follow the wizard's prompts by clicking Next.

The table will be added to the database



Feeling Creative?

Check out the new equipment Instructional Technology has to offer:

  • All Dell Computers in our Labs updated with Office XP and Windows

  • Photo Quality Printers

  • Digital Photocopier

  • Black & White Transparency Copier

  • More CD Burners & Scanners

  • Color Laser Copier

  • Black & White Laser Copier (Printing is Free!)

  • Electric Binding Machine

Need a bunch of CD's burned?  Instructional Technology  will do it for you. 

  • Blank CD's are $2.00 each.

  • Charge purchases to your department.

  • Please allow 48 hours for larger jobs to be completed.

Forget the high cost of developing film!

Instructional Technology has a total of 22 digital cameras: 17 SONY cameras (13 with movie clip options) and 5 Olympus cameras. There are a variety of styles and features with each brand. Come on in and talk to ITS about your needs and they'll match you up with
the perfect camera!

Cameras can be signed out for one week.
Reservations are strongly suggested. Call x2114 in advance of your requested date. 
Instructions on use of the camera will be given when camera is picked up

Instructional Technology is located in Forcina Hall room 111 and can be reached at x2114 or  

For more information, please visit the Instructional Technology webpage at

Would you like a question answered in next month’s issue? Please forward comments/questions to