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March 2003 Vol 1 Issue 3

Quota Concerns


If you are a heavy email user, or even a light user, you may want to check your email quota.  Each TCNJ user is allotted 76.8 MB in space for their email account.  This is a large amount of space, but can quickly fill up if you don't maintain your email folders.  To check your email quota, log into TCNJ webmail,  In the upper left hand corner, you will see the percentage of space that is being used by your email account.  If it's over 70%, you should start deleting messages from your folders or moving messages to your local folders.  If your quota gets too high, you will stop receiving new messages and you will be unable to delete messages, so it's important to always keep your eye on that percentage.

If you are over quota and are having trouble deleting messages, click here and follow these instructions on how to delete messages through webmail.

To delete messages in Netscape Messenger

1.  Open Netscape Messenger.  There is an option in Messenger that allows you to sort by size.  If you send and receive large files, it's a good idea to sort your messages by size and eliminate the large ones first.  You will be surprised how much space you will get back from removing these files.

2.  Select the message you want deleted, click on the delete button located on the top menu.  The message is now moved to the trash folder.  Remember to search all of your folders including the Sent folder. 

3.  The last step is to empty the trash folder.  To do this, select 'File' and click on "Empty Trash'.  The emails are now removed from the server and you reclaim space. 

For more information on email quota and removing or saving messages, please contact the HelpDesk x2660

March "Media" Madness

MTSS, a division of Information Technology,  is responsible for all of the media rooms on campus,  as well as video conferencing and maintaining the media equipment for the various athletic facilities on campus.

What are media rooms?
We have many media rooms across campus which are primarily used for classroom instruction.  They provide instructors with additional technology such as cable TV access, internet access, document camera, VCR, DVD and more.  

How can using the media equipment help my class?
Check out the following PowerPoint presentation on the MTSS website.  Click on the link 'Multimedia Slideshow on Classroom Usage' to start slideshow

 Which classrooms are media ready?
The list of media classrooms grows every semester. To find the most up-to-date list of classrooms and the equipment in them, visit their web page, at

How can I get training for the media classrooms?
Please fill out the training request form located on the MTSS website.  Click on the link 'Request Training'

What if the room does not have media equipment? 
For rooms that do not have media equipment, you can request it from the Equipment Distribution Center (EDC) using their online request system

What if I'm having a problem with media equipment? 
MTSS has a FAQ page with answers to some common problems with the projector, computer, VCR, and document camera. 
Click Here
Or you can call the helpdesk x2660 to report a problem with a media room.

Welcome Paula to the HelpDesk!

If you have called the HelpDesk lately, you may have been helped by a new, friendly voice, Paula Rainey.  Paula joined Sharon and Libby in the HelpDesk in February of this year.  Kevin Little, who was formerly in the HelpDesk, has moved to the position of Support Specialist.  Speaking of Support Specialists, check out who your department's Support Specialist is by clicking here


Tech Term: RAM

Technically Speaking: RAM, or Random Access Memory, is a type of short term memory  accessed randomly by your computer.  It is found in computers, printers, and other devices.

Why is it so important? RAM is very important  because it feeds data to your processor at very high speeds.  A little extra RAM can make all the difference to the speed and performance of your computer.  

Where to find your RAM? To find out how much RAM your computer has:  Right Click on 'My Computer' , select 'Properties'.  The amount of RAM that your computer has will be displayed on the General tab.

Need Software for Your Home Computer?
Microsoft Office XP, Front Page 2002, Publisher 2002, and Office v.10 for Mac, are now available to faculty and staff through Instructional Technology Services (ITS).  There is a $5.00 charge for each application requested.  ITS is located in Forcina Hall 111.  Please visit their website for hours and more  information

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