TCNJ "Turkey" Talk 

November 2003 Vol. 1 Issue 11


Virus Awareness

There are a number of new viruses active on the internet, one that opens up a window asking you for your Pay Pal information (a service that allows you to purchase things over the internet without submitting your credit card to different sites) and another that claims to be a Microsoft patch.

The best way to avoid being infected by a virus is to install virus software and keep your virus definitions up to date!

TCNJ filters e-mail that comes through our main e-mail server, but you should still have anti-virus software installed on your desktop. You can become infected by sharing files or using a non TCNJ issued e-mail account.

Other than keeping your virus definitions up to date, here are some common sense steps you can take to protect yourself:

Do not open an attachment unless you trust the source.

  • Do you know the person who is sending you this file? E-mail addresses can be “spoofed” – the “from” address can be faked.
  • Does it make sense that they are sending it to you?

3.      Microsoft NEVER sends operating system patches as e-mail attachments. They will ask you to visit the Microsoft Web site to download any software.

4.      If you’re not sure, ask the sender to resend the attachment to verify that they actually sent it to you.

Do not enter personal information into any web site form unless you are certain:

  • That the web site is authentic – clicking on a  link in an e-mail can send you to any web site, make sure you are in the right place.

  • That the web site is secure – the lock icon in the bottom right corner of your browser will display as closed and highlighted.




Have you familiarized yourself with the MS Access filtering options? 
Filtering is the tool to use if  you want to choose the values you're searching for from a list without scrolling through all the records, or if you want to specify multiple criteria at once.   Below are the most commonly used filters: 

 n  Filter by Selection –   Select a value in a datasheet or form and click a button to view any matching records.

n  Filter by Exclusion – Looks for values other than what you select 

n  Filter by FormShows blank record and you either enter a value or choose from drop down list.

n  Advanced Filter/Form – Let’s you combine conditions and fields for a filter.


IT: Working to Provide Better Service

To better service the campus community, IT is pleased to announce that we have recently implemented a Call Tree System. The Help Desk main number, x2660, is still the main Help Desk phone number. The short menu choices will help route service requests more effectively & enable us to easily inform the campus community of network outages, virus alerts or other issues.

 We would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday! 

- Libby, Paula, and Sharon

Accessing Email from Off Campus 
If you would like to access your email this holiday weekend from off campus 
the easiest way is to go through the internet via webmail at the
following address:

Enter your user name and password where prompted and
click on Login button.

Here is some more information on using Webmail.

Tom Turkey's Hidden Message

Complete the following puzzle for some holiday fun!
Find the hidden words to solve the mystery message:

E A T B E I H F L M E M F E F 
O R T H N O H E A A N I K L S 
G I V D L S F Y I M N R G B K 
U C I I A T F B V Q I G J B C 
S A D U O L K X I G A L O O T 
N A Q V O I B V C S G I Y G L 
Y S E W T W M X E N C P X V F 
G R E S E L D N A C H U G Z L 
S R Y Q F P U M P K I N I A M 
S F A W T E T L A L U A P T Q 
K H H V S A U I O R G Z T E S 
X U A C Y X R B I V K N C F B 
X M Y R Q Y K B D W P M L V G 
Z U N L O D E Y Q O Y B U N W 
B Q M U X N Y I V L C S I I P 




__ __ __   __ __ __ __   __ __ __  
 __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __




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