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Spring/Summer 2009

New Discussion List System

TCNJ has implemented the Mailman list management software for creating and managing campus discussion lists, and this system will be replacing the current listproc system. The benefits of this new system include:

  • Web-based list owner interface
  • Easy to perform mass-sucscription and unsubsription
  • Web-based list member subscription management interface
  • Moderated lists are easy to manage
  • "Bounce" Detection removes unreachable subscriber addresses after a set number of delivery failures
  • Web interface of list archives
  • Context sensitive help for each option of the management interface
  • Many other options which allow the list owner to configure the list in any way which works for them

To convert your list, please click the link below prior to October 1, 2009. Between now and then both discussion list systems will continue to operate, however after that date the listproc system will go offline.

Greening IT

Did you know that the College purchased over 14 million pieces of paper for fiscal year 2008? Of those 14 million pages, about 4 million were printed or copied by students in the computer labs, leaving a whopping 10 million pages printed by the rest of us. Outrageous, you say? We agree. What can you do to help? We're SO glad you asked.

Most departments have a multi-functional Canon machine that is both their copier and printer. And most of those Canons have the ability to print duplex, or double-sided, printing. Here is a simple tip: you can reduce our paper usage by setting your Canon print jobs to use duplex printing. Here's how:

For Windows (see below for Macs):

  1. From the Start menu, select Settings, and then Printers and Faxes
  2. In the list that appears, find the printer name for the Canon in your office (it will be P-something) and double-click on it
  3. In the upper left of the window that pops up, select Printer, and the Printing Preferences
  4. Select the Finishing tab and change the Print Style from 1-sided to 2-sided printing
  5. Click "OK" and that's it.

Now, by default, every time you print, you'll use both sides of the paper. Need to print on just one side now and then? Easy - Click the Office button, and then select Print. When the print window pops up, click on Properties, then the Finishing tab, and change from two sided to one sided for that job. Want to take this a step further? You can set the Canon to use the "Toner Saver" mode when printing, which uses about half the toner as a high quality print. To do this, repeat steps 1 through 3 above. This time, click on the Quality tab, then select Toner Saver from the list. You can always change back to Text which is the default toner option if you need a high-quality print, although folks who use Toner Saver all the time report that they can't see a difference.

For Macintosh:

  1. Go to the Menu bar and select File then Print
  2. Once the Print window appears, make sure your printer is selected
  3. Click on the second drop down box under Presets and select Two-Sided Printing
  4. There are many other printing options in that drop down box as well

Think about how much you print. Then think about how much you, all by yourself, can save on paper and toner. Then multiply that savings by everyone in your department. Why not put a note on the machine as a reminder to others in your department? Spread the word to your colleagues. Let's make a difference!

Help! My Email Account is Full!

It happens to everyone, eventually: your email account quota will hit 90 percent. Or 95. Or even 100 percent. Then you've got issues. Can't receive email. Can't send. Can't delete. So what do you do? You call the Help Desk, of course, and request an increase. But did you know you can head this off? There are a few things you can do to keep your quota from running out. (Note: all of the following should be done while in Zimbra, not in Thunderbird)

1) Keep track of your Trash folder. Every email you delete ends up here. And your Trash folder counts toward your total quota. So once a week or so, right-click on your Trash folder (when logged into Zimbra) and select the option to empty your trash.

2) Keep track of your Junk folder. Just like your Trash folder, every email in Junk counts toward your total quota. And you empty Junk the same way you empty Trash: just right-click on the folder while in Zimbra, and empty it.

3) Keep track of your Sent folder. Every time you send an email, a copy gets put into this folder. And if you send a lot of emails, this folder will fill up FAST. Now it may be that you need to keep copies of some of the emails you've sent. That's fine. Our recommendation: take them out of this folder and put them in other folders you create for this purpose (see the link below for a tutorial on this). Then, whatever is left in Sent is probably trash. So move it to the Trash folder, and empty Trash as you go.

Remember, the contents of ALL of your folders (Inbox, Trash, Junk, Sent and any others you create) all count toward your quota. And it can (and often does) fill up fast. If you just can't delete any more, feel free to call or email the Help Desk, and we'll see about getting you some more space.


Meet the Support Specialists

Welcome to Meet IT - a new feature of TechTalk. In every issue of TechTalk, we hope to introduce you to the faces behind the computers. In this issue - the Support Specialists.

The Support Specialists are a group of individuals that work with Academic and Administrative departments to provide desktop support as well as assistance with new department initiatives including budget requests.

Do you know your support specialist?

Floyd graduated in 1999 with a degree in computer science from TCNJ and currently supports Academic Affairs, Admissions, Graduate Studies, Building Services, Career Services, Community Relations, Conference & Meeting Services, EOF, General Counsel, Liberal Learning/General Education, President's Office, Public Affairs, Records and Registration, ROTC, Student Accounts and Student Financial Serivces. In addition to these departments, Floyd provides support for the Content Manager / Kofax software, all PDA support, Power Park and Resource 25. In his spare time, Floyd enjoys playing guitar. Floyd loves cars and is a big fan of Macintosh computers. His favorite new gadget is the iPhone. His favorite gadget of all time? Yep, the iPhone.
Kris Anne graduated in 1998 with a degree in information systems management from TCNJ. Kris Anne currently supports the Library, the School of Education, the TCNJ Clinic and the Bonner Center. Kris Anne became a mom in December 2008 to a beautiful girl named Caroline, so she has no spare time! Kris Anne's favorite new gadget is the Flip Video Camera, and her favorite gadget of all time is the Palm Pilot.
Chris graduated in 2003 with a degree in information systems management from TCNJ and currently supports the School of Business and the School of Culture and Society. In his spare time, he plays semipro football, does Civil War reenacting, and 'enjoys' working on his house. Chris was recently featured in an episode of HGTV's House Hunters. Chris' favorite new gadget is the iPhone, and his favorite gadget of all time is USB.
Kevin graduated in 1998 with a degree in computer science from TCNJ. Kevin currently supports the School of Science including Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Math & Statistics and Physics. He also supports the Tutoring Center. In his spare time, he enjoys computer/video games, his pets and television & movies. His favorite new gadget is his Blackberry and his favorite gadget of all time is the DVR.
Mike is currently a part time student at TCNJ while working here full time. He supports the School of Engineering and the School of Nursing, Health & Exercise Science. In his spare time, Mike enjoys electronics and computers. His favorite new gadget is the Peak Power Tracker and his favorite gadget of all time - the computer.
Rich graduated in 1990 with a degree in design from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He currently supports the School of Arts and Communication. Rich's favorite new gadget is anything with a battery that works well. His favorite gadget of all time - the screwdriver.
Jonathan graduated in 2002 from TCNJ with a degree in information systems management and minors in international business and economics . He currently supports ADEP, Athletics, the Book Store, CAPS, Differeing Abilities, Dining Services, Environmental Services, Facilities, Global Programs, Health Services, Residence Assignments, Residence Life, Student Finance Board, Student Activities, Student Affairs, Telecommunications and the Wellness Center. His favorite new gadget is the Blackberry Storm and his favorite gadget of all time is the original Gameboy.
Mike graduated from TCNJ in 2003 with a degree in information systems management. Mike currently supports Academic Grants & Sponsored Research, Access Control, Admissions & Graduate Studies, Budget & Finance, Campus Planning & Construction, Campus Police, Development & Alumni Affairs, Information Technology, Human Resources, Institutional Research, Mailroom, Payroll, SBDC, the Treasurer's Office and the TSC Corp. He also supports software packages including Campus Call, Oracle/PeopleSoft, Informant and Raiser's Edge. Mike is a big fan of The Office and Monty Python's Flying Circus. His favorite new gadget is the iPhone but his favorite of all time is the wiffle ball!


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