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Spring 2011

Announcing do-it-yourself password reset

Information Technology is pleased to announce that we have implemented a password reset option. Our system is called "TIMS" which stands for "The Identity Management System". Like many banks and credit card companies, we realize that people sometimes forget their passwords. And like banks and credit card companies, we are setting up a way for you to reset your password on your own (or to look it up if you've forgotten what it is). We are excited to offer this service as the next step in the implementation of our Identity Management System, and we hope you find this service useful.

As the Identity Management system continues to evolve on campus, affording us more security and self-service options, we are also coordinating our effors at this time to "synch" passwords for all TCNJ faculty, staff and students for many of our enterprise-wide systems.

To set up your security questions and "sync" your password, we asked, in an email sent campus-wide on February 16 2011, that all faculty, staff and students follow the procedure documented at (or in the directions that were attached to the email) on or before March 16. As of March 17, we automatically synched up any passwords that had not yet been changed. If this has caused you any problems, please contact the Help Desk for assistance.

Student Email moving to Google Apps for Education

We are excited to announce that TCNJ will soon be moving its email and calendar platform for students and alumni from Zimbra to Google Applications. With Google Applications, students and alumni will gain the benefits of a robust and innovative feature set, and much more storage capacity, all the while keeping the same email address. The College will also see benefits by reducing our infrastructure and support costs. And, as a benefit to YOU: TCNJ faculty and staff will have much more storage capacity available to them in Zimbra.

There is no plan in place to move TCNJ faculty/staff to Google Applications at this time due to legal concerns (e.g. FERPA and e-discovery for subpoenas and audits), but we may consider this option in the future.

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WIndows 7 on its way this summer!

Beginning the Monday after commencement, Information Technology will be rolling out Windows 7 for most of the campus computers. Windows 7 is the current computer operating system from Microsoft and provides greater stability, security and ease of use over previous operating systems. Many of you are already using Windows 7 on your home computers which should allow the transition to be an easy one for you. For those who are unfamiliar with Windows 7, Information Technology will be providing training and documentation to assist you. In addition, there is a Frequently Asked Questions page, and an email address to which you can send your Windows 7 upgrade questions (see below).

The upgrade will run through the entire summer. Computers Information Technology cannot access during the summer months will need to be upgraded during the fall, including laptops which faculty and staff do not leave in their offices. Each department's IT Support Specialist will be in contact to notify each department approximately one week prior to their upgrade date(s). Due to tight timeframes, the schedule cannot be altered.

In addition to Windows 7, campus computers will also receive Microsoft Office 2010. Very little has changed in the functionality of Office 2010 from what you are used to with Office 2007. File extensions are the same, and the program still uses the ribbon menu system for navigation. This is primarily a bug and security upgrade, but it also provides significant speed increases over Office 2007. In addition, discs of Office 2010 will be available for home use by faculty and staff from the Instructional Technology Services (ITS) office in room 4 of the library. Note that Windows 7 is NOT provided by the college for home use.

Individual preparations for the upgrade should include removing personal data from your College computer, and backing up any critical data currently stored only on the computer. Information Technology will perform a backup of all the data on the computer prior to installing Windows 7, and removing your personal data will allow for a faster, smoother upgrade.

Note that we have begun to schedule training classes for both Office 2010 and Windows 7. If you would like training for either of these (or both) please send an email to the link listed below.

For questions and concerns related to this upgrade, please refer to the FAQ page and the email address noted below. Your patience and assistance during the upgrade process are greatly appreciated.

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