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Summer, 2006

Meeting Maker Upgrade

As of mid-July, the Meeting Maker program was upgraded to a new version. All calendar events from July 1, 2004 to July of 2006 were brought forward into the new server. The first time your Meeting Maker client connects to the new server you will get a message that your client is not compatible with the server, and it will ask if you wish to upgrade your client. Please confirm the choice to upgrade. After the upgrade, your calendar will again be available.

A new feature in the Meeting Maker 8.5 software is the web-based client. If you have trouble upgrading your desktop client or need to access your Meeting Maker calendar while you are away from the office computer, you will be able to point your web browser to to access your calendar over the Internet.

For more information on the new features in Meeting Maker 8.5, visit

Web Alerts/Campus Calendar Update

The College of New Jersey first used a web-based news application to display inclement weather alerts on its home page. The ease of use and convenience of publishing news from any web browser quickly led to institution-wide adoption of this technology solution. Our Web Alerts application currently hosts over 100 news feeds including: TCNJ Top Stories, TCNJ Press Releases, This Week at TCNJ, and feeds for most academic and administrative departments.

The Web Alerts application is web-based and requires your UNIX login and password (the same login you use for email). A simple online form makes it easy for users to begin scheduling alerts on their department Web sites, the campus events calendar, and for consideration as a press release. Alerts can be scheduled in advance by selecting a "Begin" date in the future. When an alert reaches its "End" date it is automatically archived. WebAlerts also allows users to include thumbnail photos and webcast audio and video files.

Campus Events Calendar:
WebAlerts Login:
WebAlerts Tutorial:
Request a WebAlerts Account:

Wondering what you might post as a Web Alert? Here are some suggestions:

Academic Departments & Library

  1. Introduce new faculty
  2. Introduce new academic programs (majors, minors, concentrations)
  3. Introduce new library acquisitions & services
  4. Advertise events, workshops, lectures, programs
  5. Publicize faculty, staff, and student achievements (publications, presentations, awards)
  6. Announce important deadlines (advising sessions, registration, research opportunities)
  7. Suggest tips and reminders for utilizing administrative services and technology
  8. Human interest stories and interviews based on faculty research/expertise

Administrative Offices & Services

  1. Introduce new staff
  2. Introduce new programs and initiatives
  3. Advertise events, workshops, lectures, programs
  4. Publicize office and staff achievements (publications, presentations, awards, conference participation)
  5. Announce important deadlines for business processes
  6. Advertise student employment opportunities
  7. Promote online surveys


Safe Email Practices

Due to increased virus activity circulating via email, Information Technology would like to remind the campus about safe email practices.

  1. Don't open any email attachments unless you know whom it's from and you were expecting it.
  2. If you receive an email message with an attachment from someone you don't know, delete it immediately.
  3. If you receive an email from a familiar address but the subject is suspicious, contact the sender to verify the validity of the email. Many viruses can "spoof" the senders email address, masquerading the email as being from someone familiar
  4. Avoid sending email attachments when possible - using web links as an alternative. If an attachment is necessary, notify the recipient so they don't suspect a virus.

Information Technology continues to maintain virus/antispyware and other software updates on campus machines to assist in combating virus and malware activity. For more information regarding computer security, please visit the Information Technology security website.

Computer Lab Access

The offices of Information Technology and Access Control are proud to announce the implementation of a new computer lab access system. Instead of using computer lab keys or "hard" keys, you will now be able to get into the computer labs using your TCNJ ID. Like the system that was implemented for the library labs, the lab doors will be locked 24/7 and faculty, staff and students can swipe in any time during the open lab hours. Lab hours can be found at Please help us secure our labs by closing the door behind you when you enter or leave.

What do I do with old printer cartridges?

During our printer upgrade projects, we often receive questions about what offices can do with unused ink/toner for the printers we're removing. If the ink/toner was purchased through Office Max, the offices can return the products directly to them. There is a "Request an order return" form on the Office Max website. Credit will be applied to the accounts based upon the shelf life of the ink/toner returned. The Office Max delivery team will also take other opened, partially used ink/toner back for recycling.

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