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The EOF Program's Merits

by Terrell Mosley

The EOF program is about diversity and opportunity.
What do the cities of Newark, Camden, Trenton and Paterson all have in common? If you believe everything you watch on the 10 o’clock news you would think that these are simply the cities known in the state of New Jersey and across the nation as having some of the highest crime rates.

I would suggest that you investigate a little deeper. If you did, you would find young men and women who are full of promise, ability and determination in these cities. Some of these young people are the students of The Educational Opportunity Fund Program (EOF) at The College of New Jersey. The search for these students is not difficult as you will find them as class presidents, National Honor Society Members, scholar athletes, school board members and some of the most popular students in school. More importantly you will see that these students are engaged in rigorous curricula in preparation for higher education.

The EOF Program for the past 40 years has provided access to higher education for these students who otherwise might not be afforded the opportunity. A statewide program, EOF has helped to jumpstart the careers of many doctors, lawyers, nurses, educators, detectives, accountants, and engineers just to name a few. The academic support, mentorship, advising and love have proved to be part of the antidote needed to help these students who deal with so much make the transition into and the ascension out of institutions of higher learning.

The patchwork of America.

Dealing with broken homes, unemployment, high crime rates, dependency on governmental assistance, inadequate schools and decaying social and physical environments can be enough to drive some over the edge. I am glad to be able to say that because of the EOF program many students have not had to make that fatal leap. Instead they have been able to learn how to begin the process of changing the environments from which they came one step at a time.

The students who are part of this program come from all walks of life, they are Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic, African immigrants, natives from the Caribbean islands and many more places from all around the globe. They are not academically challenged, as some have been unfairly labeled, but they are a group of students that in an inviting and caring environment like TCNJ will flourish and succeed beyond any measure.

So the next time you look at the cities mentioned above I challenge you to go inside the schools, find those rising stars and help them continue to shine. Their twinkle will be noticeable and their glow will be seen for miles. I know for certain that EOF will continue to help develop and foster these most incredible young minds.

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