Saturday, 26 May, 2018.
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Is Kindle Burning the Book Industry?

by Kaitlin Tambuscio, Arts and Leisure Editor


The innovative reading device offers customers 1,500 of their favorite books at their fingertips… but at what cost?

Macho Macho Glam

by Kristen Kubilus


Before Anna Perotta stepped into the fashion scene, glam never looked so good.

The Way the Cards Fall

by Garrett Rasko-Martinis


Poker enthusiasm peaks with widely-watched tournaments.

Getting Lost in Lost

by Garrett Rasko-Martinis


The hit television show "LOST" has spawned many fanatical followers who simply cannot tear themselves away from the series' mystery and drama.

The Pen Becomes Mightier Once Again

by Rebecca Suzan


Many songwriters are taking a cue from their predecessors and using their lyrics to discuss and protest current world issues.

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iPod Beware: Vinyl Records are Making a Comeback
by Rebecca Suzan

Vinyl records are regaining popularity, especially among young adults. This is surprising given the state of the U.S. economy and our society’s preference for “on-the-go” items.

The Power of Literature
by Eman S. Hassan, Health Editor

It's a question posed by the award-winning musical "Avenue Q.": what do you do with a B.A. in English?

The Foolproof Holiday Gift Guide
by Kristen Kubilus

Not sure what to get your girl for the holidays? Read on.

Gaming Gurus on the Key to Winning
by Scott Kieffer

Experienced gamers give advice on how to win at any level.

Home Field Advantage
by Stacey Pastorella

Thousands of Trenton Thunder fans root for the home team in Eastern League Championship game

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