Saturday, 26 May, 2018.
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Social Networking Fads

by Alex Ronk


Just when it seems that there is nothing left to be explored, teenagers everywhere embark on their quest to conquer the internet. They use it as an outlet to express themselves, an attempt to promote themselves to “get discovered”, or simply just to learn about their peers through the supposed art of creeping. But now, our generation seems to be getting excessively dependent on these sites.

inkARCERATED - The Prisoner Activist Group

by Alex Seise, Editor-in-Chief


This documentary explores the origins of inkARCERATED, the College's prisoner activist group founded after a visit from Sister Helen Prejean.

Taxi Tales

by Julia Ireland


The next time you hail a taxi, beware: your gut-wrenching, heartfelt stories might become the fodder for one of these cabbies' stories.

The EOF Program's Merits

by Terrell Mosley


The EOF program is often understated and its efforts are not fully appreciated. This article provides a glimpse into these benefits.

New Racial Identities in America

by Otasha Clark, Lifestyles Editor


In this article, Lifestyles editor Otasha Clark discusses emerging racial identities in America through writing as well as first-hand audio interviews.

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My Life is Your Vacation
by Julia Sahin

Right now, maintaining school-related focus is as impossible as sunny reveries are inevitable. Why can't every day be a day at the beach?

There's No Place Like it - But it's Not Home
by Teegan Conti

The ultimate dream vacation doesn't have to consist of crisping in the sun all day and partying all night. Instead, reminisce back to the days of your youth and journey to the place where "dreams come true."

Going Around in Circles in an Attempt to Get Around the World
by Teegan Conti

Studying abroad is supposed to be the most amazing experience ever, but what happens when it's not? Find out why The College makes "going global" lead to less-than-perfect memories.

Get Inspired for a Mood-Boost
by Leigh Kazmaier

Take a look around. Are things not going the way you planned? Is it getting harder and harder for you to keep a positive outlook when there is always so much on your plate? Well then get the inside scoop on how to change your woe-is-me ways.

Men vs. Women: An Age-Old Debate
by Jenny Smith

The double-standard between men and women has existed throughout time. Although some barriers have broken down in the modern day, there are certain inevitabilities that continue to survive. Read on to discover the most timeless discrepancy between the sexes.

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