Saturday, 26 May, 2018.
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Why Christie Won

by Adam Richman


Is Christie's victory a sign that the Renaissance of the Democratic Party led by Barack Obama is over? Writer Adam Richman thinks not.

All a-Twitter

by Josephine Cusumano, Opinions Editor


With just one question--“What are you doing?”--Twitter has everyone, well, twittering.

The Pop Culture Scene of the 21st Century

by Kathryn Brenzel


Why the recent fixation with the Twilight series? Kathryn Brenzel reveals the obsession that has fans thirsting for Twilight.

Newspaper Extinctions

by Melissa Redmond


A journalism major speaks out about the decline of print and the rise of digital news.

Housing Woes

by Ivonne Gonzalez


A rising senior bemoans the perils of a long commute courtesy of the College's lack of housing...

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Disney’s Latest Trend
by Josephine Cusumano, Opinions Editor

Young Disney Stars are becoming the subject of gossip, not for their work, but for their racy photos. Is this disturbing new trend becoming the norm?

Sarah Palin: A Retrospect
by Melissa Redmond

Sarah Palin’s campaign made headlines and put Tina Fey back on SNL. Melissa Redmond takes a look at Sarah Palin’s campaign and what it meant to America.

Obama: A Reincarnation
by Matt Janansky, Egg Harbor Township

Presidential hopeful Barack Obama is reminiscent of another previous Oval Office contender--Ronald Reagan. These two seemingly polar opposite politicians have many traits in common, and Matt Janansky investigates the surprising reincarnation.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...
by Krystal Spencer

...or is it worth a million bucks? One student voices her disdain for the paparazzi.

Saving the Bay Should be as Easy as Playing Video Games
by Sean Cogan, Senior Editor

It seems we are more hardcore about videogames than the environment.

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