The Year That Was In Movies
by Ben Samara, Editor-in-Chief
From a heroic cab driver, a struggling playwrite and a Rwandan hotel manager to Jesus Christ and your friendly neighborhood Spiderman, 2004 had a lot to offer in movies. With the awards season complete, Editor-in-Chief Ben Samara reviews his favorite films of 2004.

DALÍ Wows Crowds in Philadelphia
by Landry Shelley
Salvador Dalí, one of the greatest artists of the 20th Century, past away in 1989. His legacy, however, is still alive at The Philadelphia Museum of Art. At least until May 15, 2005. The exhibition spans Dalí’s long and controversial career as an artist. Landry Shelley had a chance to experience the exhibit first hand.

Spamalot Brings Fun Twist to Broadway
by Helen Walters
When Monty Python and the Holy Grail was released in 1975, the first though in the minds of viewers couldn't have been "Broadway." But now, original Python member Eric Idle has transformed the cult classic into a budding Broadway success story, taking the original story and sprinkling in new and entertaining elements.

Kingda Ka Will Roar Past Other Coasters
by Christine Barron
Just two years after releasing a revolutionary roller coaster in Superman: Ultimate Flight, Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey is set to unleash Kingda Ka, an unmatched mix of speed and height that is sure to leave coaster enthusiasts breathless. When the ride opens in late April, it will break all existing records for speed and height.