Life in the Cemetery
by Desiree DiAngelo
Summer jobs are often a monotonous waste of time. Rarely do students ever learn the meaning of life and death. However, Desiree DiAngelo did just that. Her work at a cemetery taught her more than just how to keep the books and print death certificates. It was an education in how different people deal with death and the discovery of new life.

The Other Side of Celebrity
by Zac Goldstein
Ever wonder what celebrities did before they became stars? From Tom Cruise to Ed Norton, many of today's stars have other talents that they could have parlayed into a career. Zac Goldstein takes a look at what a few celebrities might have done had they not been swept up by Hollywood.

House Hunter
by Laura de Zutter

When college students think about the future, they usually don't languish over buying their first home. However, as Laura de Zutter says, knowing the facts about buying a home now will help when the time comes in the future. From finding a realtor to making a bid, homebuying can be a very tedious experience.