Popping The Campus Bubble
by David Greenblatt

If college is supposed to be the first foray into the real world, then why is it that so many students lose touch with world events during their four years? The "campus bubble" can help students form valuable frienships and focus on difficult courses. But when it comes to viewing the outside world, it usually serves as a hindrance.

New Budget Is Environmentally Flawed
by Kristina Cossaboon
With the re-election of George W. Bush and the turn of the new year comes a new budget for fiscal year 2006. Those concerned about the environment are on edge, because this year could mean big cuts for some important environmental programs. Kristina Cossaboon, an employee at the Federal Natural Resource Conservation Service, examines the issue.

Where Are All The Black Males?
by Jenise Beaman, Health Editor
According to the American Council on Education, “a meager quarter of 1.9 million black men between 18 and 24 attended college in 2000.” Many people feel this is an epidemic that needs to be curbed immediately. Jenise Beaman uses a lecture from acclaimed director Spike Lee as the jumping point for the conversation.

Ethical Issues Should Start At Home
by Paige Nestel, Opinions/Business & Government Editor

The war between the Bush supporters and his detractors still rages on, over five months after he won a second term in office. One of the most talked about issues has been the allocation of funds and the programs that are being cut. Opinions editor Paige Nestel thinks President Bush should spend less time thinking about other nations and more time worrying about the poverty in our own country.

A Message To Eagles Fans
by Nicole Levins, Features Editor
Philadelphia sports fans have a reputation for being unruly. They hollered obscenities at Dallas Cowboy Michael Irvin in 1999, as he lay on the field with a career-ending neck injury. They threw batteries at J.D. Drew, an outfielder for the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. They even pelted snowballs as Santa Claus. Features editor Nicole Levins has a message for fans of the Super Bowl runner-up Eagles.