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Choral Reading

Tuesday, April 22nd 2008


Learning Objectives

Students will be able to

§  Compose a letter to a classmate about poetry, including all necessary aspects

§  Perform a poem with teammates

§  Decide the proper tones, rhythm, etc. of a particular poem. 


Core Curriculum Content Standards

§  3.3.D.7: Read aloud with fluency.

§  3.4.A.1: Listen actively for a variety of purposes such as enjoyment and obtaining information.


Preparation & Materials

Students will have

§  Poetry folders

Teacher will have

§  Poetry letter books

§  Shel Silverstein Poems

§  Choral Reading Worksheets


Instructional Procedure

§  As a Do Now, students will write their second poetry letter in their books.  They should still have their notes on how to write a poetry letter and what needs to be included.  They can choose to write about any of the poems they have not already written about, including the new options of “Mother to Son” or they can write a letter about Joe’s performance, choosing one of his poems.  (20 minutes)

§  With the remainder of the block, students will learn about the concept of choral readings.  In teams of 3-5 students, they will each prepare to read a Shel Silverstein poem as a choral reading.

§  Students will have twenty minutes to prepare their reading, noting the different options available on their worksheet.  Then each group will perform their poem for the class.

§  With any remaining time, students should begin their homework, which is to write a thank you letter (or poem) to Joe, our guest poet. 


Summary and Reinforcement

            Students will again be writing poetry letters to their peers in order to continue the conversation outside of class discussion and give them the opportunity to write to a real audience. 

            Choral reading is a wonderful way of bringing poetry to life, especially fun, lyrical poems like those that Silverstein writes.  Also, it will give students the opportunity to hear poetry being performed, and practice performing in front of a class. 



Thank-you letter/poem to Joe

Vocabulary Sentences with Context Clues