This book was designed as a way to introduce myself to the first grade class during Internship I.
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I became a teacher because
someone told I could not.

If you know me than you know my secret. You can't tell by looking at me. I have a disability... sort of.

As a freshman in high school I was told I was not college material and not to set my hopes up too high.

I have since completed a Bachelors Degree from Rutgers University, Douglass College in Psychology and Journalism. I hold a Masters Degreee from Fairfield University in Educational Media Technology. And as of May 2006 I will have earned my second Masters Degree in Teaching; concentraiting in special education.

The road I traveled provided me with many experiences that brought me to where I am today. My love of technology is what lead me to my first masters degree, while my desire to share my experiences lead me to a career as a Media Specialist for three years at the high school leve.

While I thoroughly enjoyed working in a high school setting and having the opportunity to work with al students, I was eager to focus on students who were told or thought success in life was not in their future.

My desire to work woth students with differing abilities lead me to my career goal of being a Special Education Teacher.

In the future I hope to combine my two passions; technoogy and special education, in developing Assistive Technology plans for students and district to ensure students with special needs are able to learn in the lest restrictive environment while meeting their personal and educational needs.

Side Dish

Outside of school I started a small video editing business that I hope to expand in the future. I have a passion for the outdoors and enjoy sharing it with students and other people.

Another dream of mine is to participate and/or develop and outdoor education program for students with disabilities.

Outdoor education made a huge difference in my life and I know it can make a difference to others.

Sitll Curious

What is my disability... Know me by my character not my label.

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