a. match two rhyming words with the short A sound by using picture and word combination.
b. write complete sentences using two rhyming words they choose and two words their classmate chooses.
c. draw a picture to demonstrate their sentences.
d. demonstrate the ability to subtract one from a number in reading the Ten Little Mummies book. (This is an added objective due to the nature of the book.)

3.2 - A - 1, 2, 3
3.2 - B - 1
3.4 - A - 1, 2 & 4
3.4 - B - 3 & 5
This lesson covers many standards due to the nature of early reading and writing.







Download a copy of the lesson plan
in PDF format.

Here is the word lists used also in
PDF format.


As an introduction, I read the book "Ten Little Mummies," by Philip Yates, which had a rhyme on each page. Afterwards we briefly reviewed some rhymes that were in the book.

In creating their own rhymes students would have had to choose their own words. Because this might be challenging for many of the first graders, I created rhyming words with pictures and put them up on a wall.

Students were given a word and asked to find the word that rhymed with the one they had. Almost all the students were able to do the task. After making their match students went back to their seats where they wrote a sentence using the two matching words as well as illustrated the sentence.

The plants are wearing a pair of pants.


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