• Identify parts of the skeletal system that support various parts of the body
  • Describe how the skeleton in our body protects us.
5.5 A2

A. Matter, Energy and Organization in Living Systems

2. Compare and contrast essential characteristics that distinguish living things from nonliving things.

5.5 A4

A. Matter, Energy and Organization in Living Systems

4. Describe the basic functions of the major systems of the human body including, but not limited to:
skeletal system





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Before putting on the costume, I asked students to guess as to what different bones in the body helped us do.

Students then helped me put on my costume. The story was that I could not stand up straight or move my muscles because I did not have my skeleton.

That day I wore my skeleton on the outside rather than the inside.

As students names different parts of the body and how my skeleton could help me, they came up and helped me put my skeleton on.




After my skeleton was on we played a game that allowed the students to move around. Volunteers would share what body part they wanted to move and told us how the skeleton helps us use that body part.

For example, a student wanted to shake her head. She told us that the skull helps keep our brains in one place so they don't "fall our of our heads." In response, we all shook our heads.

As an extension to the lesson, students glued a skeleton cutout to black paper and cut the parts out. They then used brads to connect the bones and allow the skeleton to move.


When doing lessons it is always important to keep cultural differences in the back of one's mind. As you can see in this picture above, the cutout includes a cap and a bow tie This would make one assume the skeleton was male. To my surprise, many of the girls used the bow as a hair accessory. Many of the girls put bows in their hair and to them (and now me) the bow belonged on the skeleton's head. Eventhough the model showed the bow used as a bow tie, some of the girls saw it differently.

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