a. identify a seed.
b. count & compare seeds in fruits.
c. show how seeds are different.
d. identify a seedling and explain that it is a new plant growing.
e. describe the stages of a tree from seed to seedling, to full grown tree and to apples (or other product).

5.10 A1
5.10 B2







This unit involved several areas relating to treas. To start off students created models of trees using cups, sticks, leaves, tape and peat moss to act as dirt.

In addition the song, "The Green Grass Grows All Around" was revised to match the parts of the tree we were focusing on.



Download a copy of the lesson plan
in PDF format.


As part of this unit, students took a virtual tour of a tree. This interactive website was used to reinforce the parts of a tree and what each part of the tree does. It was also used to introduce other concepts about trees; changing leaves, seasons, shapes, etc.

Because there is only one computer with Internet access in the classroom, students gathered around the computer on the floor while I clicked the next button. Pierre is the character that talks to the students. Through questions and discussions, students were able to participate in this portion of the lesson instead of just observing a website.

Visit Trees Are Terrific... Travels with Pierre.

In making the tree models students used hands-on-learning to build a tree with the appropriate parts. Through discussion and questions, students realized the models they made were not real and could not grow even if they watered them.

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