Past Team Records

Spring 2012: 7-3-0

Saturday, March 17th Villanova HOME 6:00 PM W by Forfeit
Saturday, March 24th Rowan AWAY (Rowan) 4:00 PM W 9-7
Saturday, March 24th Kutztown AWAY (Rowan) 6:00 PM W 13-6
Sunday, March 25th Fordham HOME 10:00 AM L 8-9
Sunday, March 25th Temple HOME 2:00 PM W 13-11
Friday, March 30th Rutgers AWAY 8:30 PM W 10-9
Sunday, April 1st University of Delaware AWAY 6:00 PM L 7-11
Saturday, April 14th Stonybrook AWAY (Stonybrook) 12:30 PM W 16-8
Saturday, April 14th Drexel AWAY (Stonybrook) 2:00 PM W by Forfeit
Sat.-Sun., April 21st-22nd ECWLA Championships AWAY 9:30 AM L 13-11
Saturday, April 28th Alumni Game HOME 12:00 PM  


Spring 2011: 7-3-1

Date: Opponent: Location: Time: Result:
Sunday, March 20th Villanova HOME 10:00 AM T 10-10
Sunday, March 20th University of Delaware HOME 2:00 PM L 14-6
Saturday, March 26th Rutgers University AWAY (RU) 12:30 PM W 6-3
Saturday, March 26th Rowan AWAY (RU) 2:00 PM W 11-4
Saturday, April 2nd Moravian HOME 11:00 AM W 13-3
Saturday, April 2nd New York University HOME 1:30 PM W 14-13
Saturday, April 9th Temple AWAY 4:30 W 7-3
Tuesday, April 12th Villanova AWAY 8:30 W (FORFEIT)
Wednesday, April 13th Drexel AWAY 8:30 W (FORFEIT)
Saturday, April 16th - Sunday, April 17th ECWLA Championships -- ARMY University of Delaware 1:00 PM L 14-8
Saturday, April 16th ECWLA Championships -- Hofstra University of Delaware 3:00 PM W 8-6
Sunday, April 17th ECWLA Championships -- Ithaca University of Delaware 9:00 AM L 10-4
Sunday, May 1st TCNJ Alumni HOME 1:00 PM

Fall 2010: 4-2

Date: Opponent: Location: Time: Result:
Sunday, October 10th Temple HOME 10:00 AM W 17-8
Sunday, October 10th Hofstra HOME 2:00 PM W 13-9
Sunday, October 24th Drexel AWAY TBA CANCELLED
Sunday, October 31st Villanova HOME 2:00 PM L 8-9
Sunday, November 7th NYU AWAY 1:00 PM W 13-6
Sunday, November 7th Rowan AWAY 3:00 PM W 10-5
Sunday, November 14th Westchester AWAY 1:00 PM L 15-8

Spring 2009: 7-3

Date: Opponent: Location: Time: Result:
Saturday, February 28th Temple AWAY W 9-4
Sunday, March 1st NYU HOME CANCELLED
Saturday, March 21st Westchester HOME L 9-10
Sunday, March 22nd Delaware HOME L 7-10
Sunday, March 22nd Hofstra HOME W 16-4
Saturday, March 28th Rutgers AWAY W 11-6
Saturday, March 28th Rowan HOME W 10-6
Sunday, March 29th Princeton AWAY W 11-5
Sunday, April 5th Kutztown AWAY W 11-5
Saturday, April 18th Army ECWLA Championships L 4-12
Sunday, April 19th NYU ECWLA Championships W 14-10

Spring 2008: 4-5

Date: Opponent: Location: Time: Result:
Saturday, March 1st NYU HOME L 6-10
Saturday, March 1st Rutgers AWAY W 11-4
Sunday, March 2nd Delaware Club (5-4) AWAY W 9-8
Friday, March 28th Villanova HOME L 10-13
Saturday, March 29th Princeton HOME L 7-10
Saturday, March 29th Kutztown AWAY W 15-3
Saturday, April 5th Penn State AWAY L 12-17
Sunday, April 6th Drexel HOME W 15-4
Sunday, April 6th Temple HOME L 7-8 (OT)

Fall 2008

Date: Opponent: Location: Time: Result:
Saturday, October 4th Temple
Sunday, October 5th
Sunday, October 26th Temple
Saturday, November 1st Lehigh
Sunday, November 2nd Delaware
Sunday, November 2nd Rutgers
Saturday, November 8th Princeton
Saturday, November 8th Towson

Spring 2007: 6-5-1

Date: Opponent: Location: Time: Result:
Friday, March 23rd NYU HOME L 1-11
Saturday, March 24th Kutztown AWAY W 12-1
Saturday, March 24th Rutgers AWAY T 10-10
Friday, March 30th Princeton HOME L 9-10
Saturday, March 31st Lehigh AWAY W 6-2
Saturday, March 31st Lafayette AWAY W 13-10
Saturday, April 14th Bucknell AWAY W 10-8
Saturday, April 14th NYU AWAY L 4-11
Saturday, April 15th Villanova AWAY W (FORFEIT)
Friday, April 20th Army ECWLA Championships L 8-16
Sunday, April 22nd Syracuse ECWLA Championships L 7-9
Sunday, April 30th Temple HOME W 12-10

Fall 2007: 1-1

Date: Opponent: Location: Time: Result:
Sunday, October 7th Princeton AWAY L 6-9
Sunday, October 14th Drexel HOME W 11-6
Saturday, October 27th Cornell CANCELLED
Saturday, November 3rd Temple CANCELLED
Sunday, November 11th Villanova AWAY

Spring 2006: 5-4

Date: Opponent: Location: Time: Result:
Saturday, March 25th Army AWAY L 9-17
Friday, March 31st Kutztown HOME W 9-5
Saturday, April 1st Hofstra AWAY W 12-10
Saturday, April 1st Villanova AWAY L 7-10
Sunday, April 9th Drexel AWAY W 15-8
Wednesday, April 12th Princeton AWAY L 14-15 (OT)
Friday, April 15th Rutgers HOME W 12-6
Saturday, April 22nd Princeton ECWLA Championships L 7-14
Saturday, April 22 Hofstra ECWLA Championships W 6-5

Fall 2006: 1-2

Date: Opponent: Location: Time: Result:
Saturday, October 1st Princeton AWAY L 8-9
Friday, October 20th Hofstra HOME W 12-11
Friday, October 27th Drexel HOME CANCELLED
Saturday, October 28th Villanova AWAY L 5-8