In Memory

Kathleen Walsh "Walshie"

12/13/83 - 12/17/03

"Everyone has a moment in his history which belongs particularly to him. It is the moment when his emotions achieve their most powerful sway over him, and afterward when you say to this person 'the world today' or 'life' or 'reality' he will assume you mean this moment, even if it is fifty years past. The world, through his unleashed emotions, imprinted itself upon him, and he carries the stamp of that passing moment forever."

-John Knowles, A Separate Peace

WCS would like to dedicate its 2004-2005 seasons in the loving memory of our dear teammate and friend, Kathleen Walsh.

Kathleen, better known as Walshie to her teammates, passed away December 17, 2003. At the young age of 20 years old, Walshie blossomed into a beautiful young woman with many talents. Walshie will forever be remembered in the hearts of her teammates, friends, and family members in both the college community as well as those who knew her in her hometown of Totowa, New Jersey.

Walshie was more than just a soccer player to us; she was our friend and confidant. After suffering a knee injury in the 2003 Spring Season, Walshie was forced to be sidelined during the 2003 Fall Season; however, even with the knee injury Walshie was a driving, motivating force for her team. Her positive energy, dedication, and love for the game prevailed as she cheered on her teammates and attended every practice. Kathleen was recently voted as the new Women's Club Soccer President by her teammates and was more than anxious to continue leading the tradition of excellence in the WCS program here at TCNJ.

The loss of a game is hard to accept as an athlete, but as a friend the loss of a teammate is even worse. Our team was lucky to have such a teammate whom touched us in many ways. Walshie's gifts and spirit will forever be carried on and the memory of her will always be a good one.

To the ladies of WCS, remember not to grieve because Walshie is gone, but rather to smile because she was a part of our lives. Together we will get through this that's what teammates/friends are for. Always remember that Walshie is looking down us to pass onto others those gifts she shared with us. Walshie always gave her best and she expects WCS to do the same as she looks down upon us. Good luck ladies and remember to always love the game, love your team, but most importantly love each other - Walshie would have it no other way!