The goal of the Art Students Association is to provide the TCNJ Art Community with a forum for expressing aspirations and creativity. The club encourages growing together as a unique group while sharing our love and appreciation of the arts with the rest of the TCNJ community.

We welcome students of any Major to join us at out meetings and events!


Sophie Kay - President

Major: Psychology (Junior)
Minor(s): Marketing, Management

Bio: Enjoys crafty projects, pop art, and remaking clothes found at thrift stores.


Christine Austin - Vice President

Major: Digital Art (Junior)
Minor: Interactive Multimedia


Anthony Chin - Treasurer

Major: Digital Art (Senior)
Minor: Interactive Multimedia

Bio: Jack of all trades master of none (except for a lot of things).

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Olivia Whalen - Treasurer (In training)

Major: Communications


Emily Kneis - Secretary

Major: Fine Arts (Junior)


Kristen Gasnick - Publicist

Major: -
Minor(s): -


Ryan Czepiel - Senior Respresentative

Major: Digital Art (Senior)

Bio: Webslinger.


Kyle Czepiel - Senior Respresentative

Major: Digital Art (Senior)

Bio: I've got amazing powers of observation!


Briana Falconer - Sophomore Representative



Mallory Korz - Freshman Representative

Major: Communications


What We've Done Recently:

ASA continues to host the Jackson Pollock Painting Event which involved throwing darts at paint filled balloons. Check it out 9/21/11 11:30-1:30 in front of SSB.

TCNJ Art Department:

The College of New Jersey Art Department is committed to providing programs of study which develop a high level of conceptual and technical ability..

Center for the Arts:

TCNJ Center for the Arts promotes arts activities, both on and off campus, and collaborates with arts organizations in NJ and beyond.

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