Ms Jackie Deitch- Stackhouse is the the Coordinator of the Office of Anti-Violence Initiatives at TCNJ.

Dr. James Graham is a developmental psychologist with an interest in ethnicity, culture, and gender as key factors for understanding the nature of peer relationships and friendships. His research goals include examining the friendship schema and behavior of youth with a history of child maltreatment and using his findings to guide intervention programs. Dr. Graham is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology and a member of the Institutional Review Board for research at TCNJ.

Dr. Janet Gray is a professor in the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies. She is interested in contradictory concepts of childhood that include the need to protect children from abuse, bombarding them with sexualized images on TV and in magazines, but not teaching them sex education or safety skills.

Dr. Michele Naples is a professor in the School of Business.

Dr. Beth Paul is involved in framing the Center's strategic plans and its work on victimization history and intimacy development in the transition to young adulthood as well as community-based research on adolescent sexual health and risk. Dr. Paul is Interim Provost and a Professor in the Psychology Department.

Dr. Valerie Simon is an assitant professor at Wayne State University and the Merrill-Palmer Institute for Child She is the Principal Investigator an NIMH grant to develop a narrative coding system to examine the meaning making processes in sexual abuse victims using transcripts from Dr. Feirings Study of childhood sexual abuse.


Dr. Felicia Jean Steele is a professor for the Department of English. Her interests include the linguistic analysis of narratives.