Recently a female friend of mine told me that I was a dangerous man. I've never been called 'dangerous' before, and I took it as a compliment - which just proves how desperate I am for compliments. I've always considered myself rather harmless, so it got me thinking about why someone would think I was dangerous. I concluded that it was her imagination, rather than any specific behavior on my part.

I will admit that my behavior, sometimes described as eccentric, quiet, and cynical, does tend to stimulate the imaginations of others. I assumed that they imagined me as more exciting, or more knowledgeable, or younger than I really am. I guess that was my imagination at work. I never imagined that they imagined that I was dangerous.

The times that I really thought I was dangerous were times when I was driving too fast, riding my horse bareback at a gallop, flying airplanes too low, and other such adventurous activities that were mostly a danger to me, but rarely to others. I go out of my way to avoid putting others in danger. So how could this woman think I was dangerous?

Conceivably a woman could consider me emotionally dangerous - the love 'em and leave 'em type. However, my record clearly proves that I love 'em and they leave me. But I guess that's only clear to me - and to those who have left me. Perhaps the ones who left me considered me to be dangerous because I turned out to be not what they imagined. To me this is called disappointment.

So should I conclude that I am dangerous because I pose a high risk of disappointment for women? Gee, I hope not. If that's what she meant, I would really be disappointed. I hope it's just my imagination. All this imagination stuff can be dangerous.

• • •