Mystery at Booger Bottom


This clip came from the news on June 14, 2003.

"UFO investigators are checking out what may someday be called the Mystery at Booger Bottom. That's the unlikely name of a town in rural Georgia where there was a close encounter of the second kind. In early May, a 50-year-old man, his brother, and his 73-year-old sister-in-law were driving in an SUV through Booger Bottom on their way home to Warm Springs, Georgia. While the car was moving, a red swirling object appeared outside the SUV on the driver's side. Then about 50 round, red objects, all solid lights that were the size of silver dollars, appeared inside the vehicle and scanned the three occupants, reports The Associated Press and The Atlanta Journal Constitution. The lights then vanished. The woman called the police. She called the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. They didn't want to hear her tale."

My first thought as I read this was what would Jeff Foxworthy have to say about it?  And why do the majority of UFO sightings occur in the rural south? If aliens from other worlds really are curious about us, why pick places like Booger Bottom, Georgia? If they want to explore the human world, why not Atlanta, New York City, Paris, or even Iowa? Iowa is at the center of the so-called breadbasket of the United States. Of course it's not a place you would go for the best restaurants, but it is fertile.

I wondered if this would really have been noteworthy if it had occurred on the corner of Hollywood and Vine rather than in Booger Bottom Georgia. It's hard to imagine anything occurring in Booger Bottom Georgia that wouldn't be funny. The article called Booger Bottom an "unlikely name," but from my limited experience in rural Georgia, the name seems quite likely and appropriate. Of course I've never lived in rural Georgia, but I have lived in Mississippi and in Alabama, where transference of experiences is as easy as eating possum pie.

Another thing from this article that I wondered about was having a sister-in-law who is 23 years older. Since women usually marry men who are older (especially in the south) that means that the age difference in brothers could easily have been 30 years or more. This brings other questions to mind -- like is it possible to have a sister-in-law who is also your mom?

I think it highly unlikely that those 50 round red lights were really aliens scanning three people in an SUV. If aliens have the technology to come here from some other planetary system, they wouldn't need 50 scanners to check out three rednecks in an SUV. And what are three rednecks doing in an SUV in Booger Bottom? If they had been in a pickup truck, the story might have had a small measure of believability.