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Committee Charge and Operation Guidelines


The Quantitative Reasoning (QR) Advisory Committee:

  • Establishes guidelines for the submission of courses, programs, or equivalent sustained experiences meeting the QR requirement of the Liberal Learning Program. 
  • Reviews QR proposals and recommends them to the Liberal Learning Program Council (LLPC) or returns them to submitters with reasons for rejections and/or recommendations for improvement. 
  • Works with departments and programs to refine and perfect proposals.
  • Reviews the goals and outcomes for QR, recommending to LLPC changes it sees fit.
  • Creates guidelines for assessing existing and future QR courses, programs, or equivalent sustained experiences.


Membership and Operation

 The Quantitative Reasoning Advisory Committee should elect its own chair who will serve for a period of one year, and who is eligible for re-election.  Members are selected in consultation with the Dean of the School of Science, the Provost, and the Director of Liberal Learning (who may meet with the committee as ex-officio members).  Meeting times and places are determined by the chair in consultation with members. 


Quantitative Reasoning Advisory Committee

The College of New Jersey

P.O. Box 7718

2000 Pennington Rd.

Ewing, NJ 08628