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The Professor® by Telex

The Professor® desktop audio system is an all-in-one playback device designed specifically for people with print disabilities. This single system plays digital talking books, talking book tapes, music CDs and radio stations. The CD player is compatible with Daisy CDs, standard CDs, CD-R and MP3 CDs.Professor

The Professor® uses phone pad navigation to access functions. Daisy book features include page and chapter navigation, 32 bookmarks for each of 32 books, last position recall on Daisy, MP3 and audio CDs, and variable speed playback from .5x –2.5x with pitch restoration. Cassette book and music features include variable speed control, standard and four-track talking book playback, and playback of standard and half-speed book tapes. AM/FM radio features include spoken radio frequency announcements on demand, direct radio station access via numeric frequency entry, and 32 presets.

For classroom use, Daisy-formatted textbooks and literature can be slowed down to help students at varying levels listen to the content at their own pace. A Telex listening center allows up to eight students to listen to a book or tape at the same time.

The Professor® is available for purchase from Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic at

For more information on the Professor® go to



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