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New Video Magnifiers from Clarity

The Clarity Lynx is a portable, self-contained video magnifying system that can be used for distance viewing as well as desktop magnification. It weighs only 8 pounds, has a 10 inch viewing screen, and provides 5 hours of battery life. With an adjustable camera arm, the main camera lets users read and write, view pictures and objects, and see things in the distance. It also comes with a mouse camera for total reading control. Viewing modes include color, positive or negative text, or yellow on blue. The Lynx is a good solution for users who need a portable unit that provides more magnification and a larger viewing area than handheld magnifiers.

Similar to the Lynx but smaller and without the distance viewing option, the Clarity Rio is a portable, ultra-lightweight video magnifier. It weighs only 1.5 pounds, has a 7 inch screen, and provides 5 hours of battery life. For ease of storage and portability, it folds down into a 6” x 7” compact design. The screen has 5 viewing modes including color, black and white, inverse, yellow on blue, and black on yellow. A step-zoom mode and a viewing mouse give users control over their reading matter. For more information about Clarity’s line of video magnifiers, visit their website at

Clarity Rio                                                               Clarity Lynx


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