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Digital Talking Books at the NJ Library Talking Book & Braille Center

The New Jersey Library for the Blind & Handicapped is now the New Jersey State Library Talking Book and Braille Center (TBBC). The services of TBBC are available without charge to anyone living in New Jersey who for any physical reason cannot read regular printed books. Individuals served by the TBBC include: people with a physical disability that prevents them from holding a book or turning its pages; people who are legally blind or totally blind; and individuals who have a learning disability that is certified by a medical doctor.

TBBC offers digital talking books on flashdrive cartridges that are playable on book players that can be borrowed from TBBC. Library users can get digital talking books on cartridges through the mail or they can download books and magazines over the Internet, save them to their own flashdrives, and then play them on TBBC’s book players.

For more information on membership, or to be added to the waiting list for the book players, call TBBC at
(800)792-8322 or visit their website at


Forcina Hall, Room 101

The College of New Jersey

P.O. Box 7718

Ewing, NJ 08628-0718

P) 609.771.2795




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