Gateway to Graduate School in Biology:

This merit-based scholarship and research program, funded by the National Science Foundation, is designed to support and motivate students from groups historically underrepresented in the biological sciences, to prepare them for graduate school and careers as biological scientists. The core of the program is four years of intensive research mentoring by the TCNJ Biology faculty, along with research stipends totaling $18,800.

Freshmen do month-long mini-rotations through three environmental biology faculty-student research labs and three labs that conduct research in cell/molecular biology and genetics, using classic model organisms. As Sophomores, Gateway Scholars join one of these labs as their research home for the next three years. Each semester, students earn academic credit for research, building to a full course credit each semester as Juniors and Seniors. This long, sustained research collaboration with a practicing scientist provides GGSB students with an unparalleled depth of experience.

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Students in the Program

Ten Gateway scholars joined the program as freshmen in the fall 2010 semester. Click on their photos to read more about each of these exceptional students.

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